i-THRIVE Implementation Stories

i-THRIVE Implementation Stories provide examples of how National i-THRIVE Community of Practice sites have approached implementing the principles of the THRIVE Framework for system change (Wolpert et al., 2019).

Implementation stories grouped by the THRIVE Framework’s needs based groupings

Thriving     Getting Advice and Signposting     Getting Help

Getting More Help     Getting Risk Support


Implementation stories grouped by principles of the THRIVE Framework

When to Stop Treatment     Shared Decision Making

THRIVE and Whole System Service Design     Promoting Equitable Access

Application of the Principles of the THRIVE Framework Within Education Settings

Young People’s Participation


Implementation stories grouped by geographical areas

North West      North East     Midlands     South West

South  East      London


If you have an example of how you have implemented any of the principles of the THRIVE Framework in your services and are interested in developing an implementation story with us, please contact the team at ithriveinfo@tavi-port.nhs.uk.


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