A protocol for a multi-site case control study to evaluate child and adolescent mental health service transformation in England using the i-THRIVE model (Moore, Baron-Cohen, Simes, Chen & Fonagy, 2022)

This protocol sets out the largest evaluation of child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) in England to date. The research seeks to evaluate the effectiveness of i-THRIVE as an intervention to transform CAMHS services across the system. It compares ten CAMHS sites that adopt the i-THRIVE model to ten ‘comparator sites’ that choose to use different transformation approaches. A mixed methods approach evaluated the process of implementation, exploring  the moderating effects of context, fidelity, dose, pathway structure and reach on clinical and service level outcomes. This research will inform the ongoing national transformation of sites adopting i-THRIVE, to guide significant improvements across the whole system.

Download published protocol.