Getting Advice and Signposting

This group includes both those with mild or temporary difficulties AND those with fluctuating or ongoing severe difficulties, who are managing their own health and not wanting goals-based specialist input.

Information is shared such that it empowers young people and families to find the best ways of supporting their mental health and wellbeing.

Within this grouping are children, young people and families adjusting to life circumstances, with mild or temporary difficulties, where the best intervention is within the community with the possible addition of self-support.

This group may also include, however, those with chronic, fluctuating or ongoing severe difficulties, for which they are choosing to manage their own health and/or are on the road to recovery.

Within this grouping are children and young people who need advice and signposting and self-management. This typically consists of a one-off contact with follow-up. It is also important to engage parents and carers.

This grouping encompasses 30% of children and young people seeking support for their mental health and wellbeing.



Getting Advice and Signposting i-THRIVE Implementation Stories

These implementation stories provide examples of innovative ways to deliver Getting Advice and Signposting.

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