i-THRIVE Community of Practice Webinar: 5th November 2020

Webinar: i-THRIVE Illustrated: Shared learning from across the country

Thursday 5th November, 10:30am-12pm

Overview of the session:

  • Hear from sites from across the country about how they have implemented the THRIVE Framework for system change
    • Thriving Plus – A Health and Wellbeing resource through COVID-19, Neelam Solanki, Assistant Psychologist, National i-THRIVE Programme
    • The Greater Manchester i-THRIVE journey so far, Angela Daniel, Programme Manager, and Paul Wallis, Clinical Lead, Greater Manchester i-THRIVE Programme
    • Co-producing care plan needs based grouping information leaflets, Bethan Morris, Assistant Psychologist,  National i-THRIVE Programme
    • How Stockport’s Parent Infant Mental Health service is aligned with the THRIVE Framework, Kirsteen O’Keeffe, Specialist Health Visitor, Stockport NHS Foundation Trust
  • Top tips for successful implementation
  • Q&A with sites at differing stages of implementation


Webinar resources:


If you would like to find out more about this event, email the team at ithriveinfo@tavi-port.nhs.uk.

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