i-THRIVE Action Learning Sets

Following the i-THRIVE leadership module, a series of i-THRIVE Action Learning Sets will support leaders in implementing the THRIVE Framework for system change (Wolpert et al., 2019). These will take place approximately monthly, with each session lasting 3 hours.


“Action learning is a continuous process of learning and reflection, supported by colleagues, with an intention of getting things done”(McGill & Beaty, 2001:11).

  • The action learning set uses a structured facilitated process for exploring issues relating to each participant’s area of work. For you, action learning involves identifying a situation you want to develop, change or improve – a situation that is significant enough to act as a vehicle for your learning.
  • The process of sharing the issue with a group of fellow learners (the learning set) enables you to tap into the ideas and experiences of peers and gain different and deeper insights.


i-THRIVE Action Learning Sets offer:

  • Support and challenge from peers to facilitate local implementation of the THRIVE Framework for system change
  • The opportunity to learn from good practice and develop new ideas and different solutions
  • Development of individual listening and questioning skills
  • Broadening of awareness of what problems are, might be and how individual beliefs and assumptions frame and create them (double loop learning)
  • Practice of giving and receiving feedback
  • A safe environment to explore, support and challenge
  • Insight into group processes and opportunity to relate understanding to workplace and work relationships
  • Individual time to explore, gain perspective on, and solve problems
  • Time away from the daily routine to reflect, relax and think differently
  • Greater insight into the breadth and depth of the complexities of the workplace and the network of relationships
  • A trusted group of peers and the development of a confidential space to be heard


Please email ithriveinfo@tavi-port.nhs if you would like to know more.