Leading System Wide Transformation

i-THRIVE Academy Practice Development Module

The National i-THRIVE Programme team will deliver the above training module remotely, over two ½ day sessions in consecutive weeks.

An overview of the THRIVE Framework for system change (Wolpert et al., 2019) will be presented, to ensure that all attendees have a sound understanding of the guiding principles and its application in practice.

Leadership theory will then be explored, through a psychodynamic lens, and time will then be given for attendees to reflect on their own personal leadership journey, and the leadership discourses that have influenced them along the way.

In the second session, participants will be presented with theories of cultural competence and given the opportunity to explore what this means for them. The importance of values-based leadership to support culturally competent leaders, across the system, will be discussed and participants will be encouraged to reflect on existing levels of cultural competence within the system.

Attendees will then be invited to consider resilience in the context of leading through change, and will be prompted to think about what they have around them and within them to build resilience.

The final section of the module, will offer leaders an opportunity to examine change models, and their application in practice to enhance their skills to enable, manage and lead change.

Throughout the training, participants will be encouraged to engage in un-facilitated group work to explore ways they can build cross-sector relationships outside of the training session and to learn about other services and other’s leadership journeys.

Following the delivery of the module, there is an expectation for the training cohort to attend monthly action learning sets for 3 months. Action learning is a structured and facilitated process to explore issues relating to each participant’s area of work. Each participant will be encouraged to identify a situation they want to develop, change or improve and use this as a vehicle for their learning, as they lead through system change.

Upon completing this training module, attendees will be able to:

  • have a comprehensive understanding of the principles of the THRIVE Framework for system change (Wolpert et al., 2019) and engage cross-sector stakeholders by facilitating events, coaching, and sustainable approaches to having collaboration across the system;
  • develop skills, resources and confidence to lead across boundaries, value
  • difference, innovate and navigate complexity as a system-wide leader;
  • understand system transformation and managing the responses to change;
  • encourage resilient organisations;
  • understand leadership in the context of diversity, and;
  • promote partnership working.

Who is best to attend?

Strategic and operational leads across the system.

Led by: Dr Rachel James, co-author of the THRIVE Framework, National i-THRIVE Programme and Clinical Director and Associate Clinical Director at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust and Rose McCarthy, Programme Trainer within the National i-THRIVE Programme Team.

Action Learning – Training the Facilitators

This training course aims to equip facilitators with the knowledge and skills to begin to practice as Action Learning Facilitators. It will teach the fundamental principles and theoretical underpinning of Action Learning and includes an experiential element of practice. The training will run as a functioning ALS group, requiring participants to attend all the scheduled sessions.

Now commonly used in organisations, Action Learning is a method for bringing thinking and action together. Kurt Lewin, the founder of Action Research is often quoted as saying that if you want to understand a system, try changing it. In other words, in order to understand our work places, why some things work and other initiatives fail we are required to repeatedly act and reflect. Doing both – action and reflection – is essential for system learning and growth and this is particularly important during periods of system challenge and change.

Action Learning aims to develop this reflective capacity within individuals, groups and the systems they work in. With the support of peers in the group, individuals examine problems and challenges from a fresh perspective. As individuals move away from a single way of viewing their challenge, they may feel more empowered with more options for action. The group supports the formulation of these ideas, and their evaluation. As cycles of action and reflection become embedded in working practices, individuals and teams become increasingly self-sufficient and open to growth and learning.

The role of facilitator in any set can affect the effectiveness of the group in undertaking the task. The purpose of the role is to encourage each set member to take responsibility for defining their issues, for action in overcoming a problem and pursuing an opportunity or task. The function of the role is to hold the boundary of the work and contain the participant’s experience as they explore their issues. The facilitator models this process and set members learn to act as a group through this modelling and through enhancing and acquiring skills that enable the set members to receive support (from other set members).

Participants will attend 9x 3 hour sessions on alternate Thursday mornings, from January 2023.

The cost of this training will be £1250 for 27 hours of learning and experience of facilitating an Action Learning Set with supervision

For further information, please email:

If you would like to buy in this training for your services please contact the team at


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