Phase 4

The i-THRIVE Toolkit

The purpose of Phase 4 is to ensure that changes are sustained and that they become ‘business as usual’ within a local area once the transformation programme is completed. This will involve understanding what has worked well and reflecting on what has been learned from implementing the change. It is also important to share learning with other localities who are starting to implement the THRIVE Framework for system change (Wolpert et al., 2019).

Reflecting on implementation

List of Questions

Download a list of questions that have been put together to support implementation teams to structure their reflections. The questions are based on implementation science literature.

Sharing barriers and facilitators to implementing the THRIVE Framework

National i-THRIVE Community of Practice

Provides opportunities for the children’s workforce across the locality to liaise and engage with members, enabling collaborative practice across national sites.

Learning organisations literature

Research Literature on Learning in Organisations

Provides some useful tips for creating a culture of learning in your organisation.


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