Getting Help

This grouping comprises those children, young people and families who would benefit from focused, evidence-based help and support, with clear aims, and criteria for assessing whether these aims have been achieved.

This group comprises those who need specific interventions focused on agreed mental health outcomes.

An intervention is any form of help related to a mental health need in which a paid-for professional takes responsibility for input directly with a specified individual or group.

The professional may not necessarily be a trained mental health provider, but may be a range of people who can provide targeted, outcomes-focused help to address the specific mental health issue.

Interventions are characterised by an explicit shared understanding from the outset of:
• what a successful outcome would look like
• how likely this is to occur by a specific date
• what would happen if this was not achieved.

Emphasis is placed on ending an intervention if it is felt not to be working or if the gains no longer outweigh the costs or potential harm.



Getting Help i-THRIVE Implementation Stories

These implementation stories provide examples of innovative ways sites are delivering support for children, young people and families who are in the Getting Help needs based grouping.


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