Direct Support for Local Sites

COVID-19 Update:

We are keen to support sites to harness the collective action that has been a hugely positive aspect of managing  the pandemic. Our team can support embedding this through sustainable approaches aligned with the THRIVE Framework for system change, and build capacity across the system to help manage the individual/familial, community and societal impact. If this would be of interest, contact us to discuss our range of remote training, consultation and coaching opportunities.

Local sites can buy in a variety of direct support and consultation options from the National i-THRIVE Programme Team to support their implementation of the THRIVE Framework for system change (Wolpert et al., 2019). Our learning from sites who have implemented the THRIVE Framework for system change is that support from the National i-THRIVE Programme team enables fidelity to the framework and reduces the likelihood of misinterpretation. Whilst the programme team is non-profit any support does have to be costed.

Each package of support is discussed and agreed in collaboration with the site and is bespoke to the needs and strengths of the local area.

Examples of the most common packages of support to local sites include:


1. One off engagement event

The National i-THRIVE Programme can facilitate a cross-sector engagement event to ensure local understanding of the THRIVE Framework and its key principles and to identify good THRIVE-like practice already happening and any gaps in provision. Together with the local site, an agreement will be made on priorities to take forward and to support the creation of an action plan. This is often a large event, with up to 120 cross-sector professionals in attendance.


Delivered as 3 x 1.5 hours workshops virtually or 1 full day face to face.

Total: £7,500 plus travel expenses

Who to invite:
As a guide, sites have found it important to have representation from across the system. This tends to include universal and specialist health and mental health services (including GP representation, perinatal services, and adult mental health), social care and safeguarding, local authority services (including youth justice, early help, LAC etc), education (including children’s centres, primary, secondary and specialist provision including for those NEET), commissioners, the police, the ambulance service, a whole range of voluntary sector providers, and appropriate representation of service users (children and young people representatives and/or parents/carers).

2. Series of events

Building on the initial engagement event, this package includes additional follow up events at the six month and twelve month mark (as a minimum) to review progress made. The National i-THRIVE Programme acts as a ‘critical friend’ throughout the process to support fidelity to the THRIVE Framework and its key principles and to agree local definitions of the five needs based groups.


Delivered as 3 x 1.5 hours workshops virtually or 1 full day face to face with a 6 and 12 month follow up.

Total: £22,500 plus travel expenses

3. Launching Local Community of Practice

The National i-THRIVE Programme team have now supported the development of a number of local i-THRIVE Communities of Practice, for example in Greater Manchester, Northern Ireland and the South West, that sit alongside and feed into the national forum. Support includes collaborative engagement with partners to develop a local Community of Practice, facilitating a launch event and additional follow up events and the co-development of a local implementation story to promote examples of good practice.


Includes preparation and pre-meeting time, National i-THRIVE Programme team attendance at event, with travel in addition, plus additional costs for collaborative engagement outlined above as required.

Total: £3,250 plus travel expenses

4. i-THRIVE Academy

Sites can access the five i-THRIVE Academy modules as a set or individual modules to meet local need.

i-THRIVE Academy Modules (The THRIVE Framework: Leading system wide transformation, Getting Advice and Signposting, Building confidence in letting go and managing difficult endings, Using i-THRIVE Grids to improve shared decision making and Risk Support) are one day training modules attended by up to 30 cross-sector representatives.

For an overview of the modules click here.


Delivery of Modules 1-5 of the i-THRIVE Academy modules £5,000 each

Total: £25,000 for all modules, plus travel expenses

4a. Action Leaning Sets for the Leading System Wide Transformation i-THRIVE Academy module

i-THRIVE Action Learning Sets offer:

  • Support and challenge from peers to facilitate local implementation of the THRIVE Framework for system change
  • The opportunity to learn from good practice and develop new ideas and different solutions
  • Development of individual listening and questioning skills
  • Broadening of awareness of what problems are, might be and how individual beliefs and assumptions frame and create them (double loop learning)
  • Practice of giving and receiving feedback
  • A safe environment to explore, support and challenge
  • Insight into group processes and opportunity to relate understanding to workplace and work relationships
  • Individual time to explore, gain perspective on, and solve problems
  • Time away from the daily routine to reflect, relax and think differently
  • Greater insight into the breadth and depth of the complexities of the workplace and the network of relationships
  • A trusted group of peers and the development of a confidential space to be heard


Delivery of individual Action Learning Set per group of 8-10 participants at £1,350

The team recommend a minimum set of three Action Learning Sets delivered monthly following the Leading System Wide Transformation i-THRIVE Academy module.

Total: £4,050 for a set of three Action Learning Sets

5. Quality Improvement: From theory to implementation training

The National i-THRIVE Programme have developed a training package which can be bought in to support you with using Quality Improvement methodology to implement the THRIVE Framework locally, providing:

  • i-THRIVE Quality Improvement workshop: overview of QI methodology aligned to the THRIVE Framework for system change. This will include access to tools and resources to support implementation through QI projects. Half day workshop for a maximum of 30 strategic leads and team representatives.
    • Upon completing this workshop participants will have the tools to start and progress their own Quality Improvement projects, with ongoing support provided by a QI forum.
  • i-THRIVE QI Forum: three local monthly forums to support local implementation of QI initiatives.


Includes preparation and pre-meeting time, delivery of training and facilitation of three Quality Improvement Forums.

Total for Quality Improvement input £4,050

Please note that these costings are for the delivery events and do not include costings for venue, refreshments, travel, and any other additional resources required.

If you are interested in accessing support from the National i-THRIVE Programme team please contact the team at Please note that this email address is not for clinical enquiries as we do not offer a direct clinical service.


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