Implementation Sites and Stories

In 2015, 10 accelerator sites were selected to receive support from the National i-THRIVE Programme to implement the THRIVE Framework for system change (Wolpert et al., 2019) This direct support to sites was funded through the NHS Innovation Accelerator programme.

These 10 accelerator sites formed the initial National i-THRIVE Community of Practice.

There are now over 99 local areas that are working towards implementing the THRIVE Framework locally and sharing learning through the National i-THRIVE Community of Practice, accounting for 62% of children and young people in England.

The National i-THRIVE Programme partnered with Greater Manchester in 2018 to create the Greater Manchester i-THRIVE Programme. The Greater Manchester i-THRIVE Programme Team works with each of Greater Manchester’s 10 Local Transformation Partnerships.

Many of the local areas within the National i-THRIVE Community of Practice, including the accelerator sites and the GM i-THRIVE Programme, have shared examples of good practice through the creation of i-THRIVE Implementation Stories. These stories range from focussing on the specifics of how to support children and young people in each needs based grouping to looking across the whole system when designing services.

In addition to the i-THRIVE Implementation Stories, there are also Q&A sessions with implementation site leads that may be useful for those at the start of their implementation journey.

For more information about the approach taken by the various sites and their successes to date, please click on the following links:

i-THRIVE Accelerator Sites

National i-THRIVE Community of Practice

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i-THRIVE Implementation Stories

Q&As with Implementation Site Leads

If you are interested in joining the National i-THRIVE Community of Practice or if you have a local implementation story to share, please contact the team at