Waltham Forest

i-THRIVE Accelerator Site

Waltham Forest CCG applied to be an i-THRIVE accelerator site as it was interested in using the THRIVE Framework for system change (Wolpert et al., 2019) to guide CAMHS transformation.

Waltham Forest CCG, with support from the Child Outcomes Research Consortium (CORC) completed an in-depth analysis of the current system of services for children and young people’s mental health. As a result of the analysis, the main priorities for transformation were to improve support for children and young people ‘Getting Advice and Signposting’ and ‘Getting Risk Support’.

Since the start of their transformation process, Waltham Forest have seen a 15% decrease in referrals to their CAMHS and have seen increased referrals to CAMHS from schools.

Waltham Forest CAMHS were also part of the Health Foundation ‘Scaling up Improvement’ project which took place between October 2016 and March 2019. In this project, the core set of THRIVE Framework principles were translated into a model of care across Waltham Forest and the three other CAMHS localities provided by NELFT.

Key successes within Waltham Forest have been shared through i-THRIVE Implementation Stories:

  • The ‘My Mind’ app which children and young people linked to a CAMHS service can use to more easily communicate with their clinicians, track their progress and set their own goals.
  • The ‘Long Term Conditions Clinic’ which helps clinicians to manage discharges from CAMHS in a way that better meets the needs of children and young people. This is aligned to the THRIVE Framework which encourages clinicians to discuss ‘endings’ with clients from the beginning and to recognise when further intervention or support is unlikely to lead to improved outcomes.
  • A quality improvement project undertaken as part of the ‘Scaling up Improvement’ work that focused on developing a whole systems approach to ‘Getting Risk Support’. The ‘THRIVE Clinic’ supports children and young people considered to be at risk of harming themselves or others.


If you would like more information on the work Waltham Forest are doing with i-THRIVE, please contact Nuzhat Anjum, Head of Strategic Commissioning, Waltham Forest CCG,


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