Toolkit contents

Phase 1: Engagement

Guidance for senior leadership engagement

THRIVE and i-THRIVE Overview slides

 THRIVE and i-THRIVE Overview for whole system event

  Video of Miranda Wolpert (lead author of the THRIVE framework) providing a 5-minute introduction to THRIVE



⇒ A  one-page overview of the i-THRIVE Programme to take to events or distribute to colleagues in your service or agency.

⇒ A longer overview of the i-THRIVE Programme for a more detailed insight into the programme

⇒ Mapping current provision for the purposes of engagement. This slide can be printed out and used as a group exercise during initial engagement sessions with staff to map out recent service developments according to which THRIVE needs group they relate to. Click here to download it.


Phase 1: Understanding your system

Pathway Mapping

General Information and example

Pathway Mapping: Workshop outline

Pathway Mapping: PowerPoint slides



General Information

Workshop outline

PowerPoint slides

Phase 1: THRIVE Assessment

General Information

The THRIVE Assessment Tool

THRIVE Assessment Workshop Overview

THRIVE Assessment Workshop Slides    

Implementation template plan

Phase 1: Prioritising Improvement and Gap Analysis

General Information

Overview of the Prioritising Improvement and Gap Analysis workshop: Describes the purpose of the workshop and provides an overview of the different exercises.

Prioritising Improvement and Gap Analysis Slides

Prioritising Improvement Exercise

Gap Analysis Exercise

Phase 1: Redesign and Implementation Planning

General Information

Overview of the Redesign workshop

Redesign workshop presentation slides

i-THRIVE Implementation Plan Template

The implementation Checklist

Phase 2: Building Capacity

General Information

The i-THRIVE Academy

Workforce survey for schools

Workforce survey for the wider children’s workforce

Phase 3: Implementation planning

General Information

Quality Improvement resources

i-THRIVE Implementation Plan Template

Phase 4: Embedding

Reflecting on implementation

Share your learning of THRIVE implementation through completing this survey

Read about learning organisations

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